ChengEn machinery has modern and international technology and development for textile machinery. Joint venture with US Intertech companies, we have been getting through and successfully introduced our products and services into international market. 
Intertech Associates International, Inc. -- Intertech -- is a full-service New Jersey based original equipment manufacturing company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets and also distributes automatic production equipment for the window, door, stone and glass industries. 
For ongoing operations, Intertech distributes the components, adhesives and supplies used in the manufacturing processes. 
 1、  Costume Machine  Belt type bonder seriesCloth Inspecting MachineMaterial Relaxing MachineCutting machineFabric shrinking and forming machineAutomatic spreading machineStyle needle detectorRSerial fusing machinesSSeries electric heating steam
 2、  Cutting Machine   Automatism cutting machine Continue according to cutting machineReciprocating Hyadraulic PlaneFour--column double--side hydraulicAutomatic hyadraulic PlanePrecious hydraulic automatic balancing4-Pillar Hyadraulic Plane ScissoringHyfroulic material cuttingHydraulic sway arm material
3、  Complex Machine  Glue dot transfer laminting machineESand paper Laminating machineWaterproof  permeability film laminatingSuntex Bonding Fabricextrusion complex machineNets type complex machinePoint of hot powder complexNo fuck glue complex machine
4、  Empaistic Machine  Ulttraosnic pattern pressUltrasonic BondingUltrasonic lace machine
Our company sells and services its products in both the domestic and international markets. Intertech serves all of North America and SouthEast Asia .