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hollow glass 

Center the spatial glass is by two glass combinations, with excels in
the gas tight compound viscose two seals but becoming, in the glass is
separated by sufficiently has the drying agent the aluminum alloy
frame, causes between the sheet glass the air to be highly dry. Energy
conservation: The heat conduction system K value, monolithic 6mm the
glass K value is 5.75kcal/Mh, the common center spatial glass K value is 1.4--2.9kcal/Mh, regarding sufficiently has the argon the sulfur fluoride gas
center spatial glass K value to be lowest may fall to 1.19kcal/Mh, the argon mainly uses for to reduce the heat conduction K value,
but argon sulfur gas then mainly uses for to fall the noise dB value,
two kind of gas may the independent employment, also may mix the use
according to the certain proportion. Sound-insulated: The common
center spatial glass reduces the noise 30 decibels, sufficiently has
the inert gas the center spatial glass to be possible to fall 80
decibels noises to 45 decibel extremely peaceful degrees. Guards
against the condensation: Inside and outside winter room under
temperature difference big environment, in use spatial glass, does not
have the condensation phenomenon. Using: Office, guesthouse, hospital
and library; The total engine room, the broadcasting studio, the
taping room, calculate the engine room, the automobile, the train
glass and the airport control tower; Must keep warm and the
temperature control place.

Product characteristic Center the spatial glass with the aluminum bulkhead (center spatial aluminum strip) is take the high pure aluminum as the raw material aluminum product, the surface after processing, does not oxidize, does not corrode, does not have any influence to the drying agent, effectively eliminates the atomization phenomenon. Product specification Specification aluminum strip and so on 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, 12mm, 14mm, 14.5mm,15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 25mm, also may be special according to the user needs to make to order. Product specification 1st, wall thickness: Unilateral wall thickness guarantee between 0.30 ~ 0.35mm, peripheral wall thickness limit deviation ±0.025mm. 2nd, bending: The product does not allow to have hardly curved, side is curved (free sagging curving radian to be an exception). 3rd, outward appearance: The surfacing smooth, does not have the clash, the blowhole evenly is neat. Product packing, marking, transportation, storage 1st, packing: Has the paper box packing and weaves the belt to pack two kinds. Unit packing each bunch heavy 20±0.05kg (weaves belt packing), 25±0.05kg (paper box packing), the request outward appearance neat, along is straight, does not have the twist joint phenomenon, does not have appears externally. 2nd, marking: On the packing explicitly marks the product range, the weight, the production date, the unit name, the address, qualified marking and so on. 3rd, transportation: This product for the non- dangerous material, the automobile, the train, the airplane and so on may transport. 4th, storage: Should store in ,The waterproofing, is moisture-proof.

Center the spatial glass is one kind of intensive processing glass
product, also is one kind of versatility energy conservation material.
In recent years, center the spatial glass profession obtained the fast
development. By formerly only used in the special product which
upscale constructed, to ordinary domain and so on construction, air
conditioning train, air conditioning passenger train, refrigerator,
was rapidly popular, specially along with modelled the metal
window the promoted application, center the spatial glass was
penetrates into the ordinary common people residence.
In 2001 in nation spatial glass amount of use exceed 9 million square meters, has achieved in recent years the market demand crest. Later will rise our country plate glass retreatment rate to 2002 to 25% ~30%, in 5 years the market demand will rise center spatial glass to 2005 to 45 million square meters, the yearly average demand rises to 9 million square meters (contains exportation). Its domestic market prospect is extremely broad.
At present in market center spatial glass seal structure mainly for single channel seal and 双道 seal. The single channel seal refers to the spatial glass use comfortable block glue seal (market some center
spatial glass only to hit together silane rubber or to gather
colloidal sulphur and so on strictly to say because leak-proof quality
bad and life too is short only can be called cheats on labor and
materials, cannot be called single channel seal), the seal refers to the spatial glass to hit two rubber, usually is guards against the water vapor penetrating quality good polyisobutylene rubber to make the first seal, the intensity good gathers the colloidal sulphur or the silane rubber makes the second seal.
Regardless of in which one kind of structure, polyisobutylene because
its reliable bears the water vapor and the outstanding sealing
property all is acting the important role. Usually, in the comfortable
block glue the polyisobutylene content is 20% approximately, in
the seal structure in the first sealant content even may reach above 40%.
Compares the import product, the domestically produced sealant exists
generally bears the aging energy balance, the product quality unstable question, its reason three point:
1. PIB choice is inappropriate, the molecular weight is somewhat low.
2. PIB quality is unstable, PIB itself bears the aging energy balance.
3. formulas are unreasonable.
Therefore the choice performance outstanding raw material is produces the high grade product the important guarantee.

Name Aztech Thermal Extruder Model No. ATX-II Product Description The INTERTECH ATX-MINI is a compact tabletop hot melt gunning unit, easily mounted on a small sturdy table or workbench. Setup is easy. Power is applied from a standard 115 VAC outlet (220 V 50 Hz version is available). Load up to 20 pounds (or 2 gallons) of materials in the hopper. Add more material at any time during production. Production rates of up to 50 pounds of hot melt sealants or adhesives per day are realistic. Gunning temperatures for both the hose and the pot are then set on the temperature dials, controlled by solid-state PC relays and digital controller. Heat-up time is 45 minutes to an hour. A heavy-duty progressive cavity pump provides a uniform, pulse free adjustable flow rate for hand gunning or automatic dispensing. An eight-foot heated gunning hose and a trigger-actuated lightweight handgun with a swivel coupling is supplied with the unit. A variety of nozzles and dispensing heads are available. Clean up is minimal. The power is simply turned off when the equipment is no longer needed and reheated when required. specifications Machine Dimensions 24” Wide x 16” High x 19” Deep Net Weight 90 Pounds Shipping Weight 110 Pounds Power Requirements 16 amps @ 115 Volts / 8 Amps @ 220 Volts Construction Aluminum Pot Steel Base and Working Components Motor and Drive 1/6 hp Gear Motor Pump Positive Displacement Pump with an adjustable Pressure Range to 500 psi Pot Opening Dimensions 4 ½” x 9” x 11 ½” Deep Pot Capacity Temperature 2 Gallons (approximately 20 lbs) Range Viscosity Range 2000 to 4000 F (950 to 2050 C) Flow Capacity to 500,000 Centipoise Approximately 1 pound per minute at above viscosity (can be changed to suit application Start-Up Time Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour Advantages Quick and Easy Setup Simple to Use Easy to Maintain Accurate Gunning Highly Productive Extremely Cost Effective Simple Between-Use Cleanup

Name Automatic Hot Melt Gunning System Product Description Intertech’s AGT system represents the standard in design for productivity versatility, simplicity of operation and human engineering. The AGT Automatic Hot Melt Gunning System provides fast, high volume and consistent quality production of insulated glass. It is a compact, simple to operate automatic gunning system that eliminates the need or dependence on highly skilled hand labor. The Intertech Hot Melt Gunning System offers an immediate step up to automatic assembly line production at a fraction of the cost of hand gunning. The AGT can handle a wide range of production capacities. It is easily operated by one person / one station, ramping up to a crew of four to five people producing up to 180 units per hour. Setup is straight forward, requiring no more space than that normally taken by a hand gunning operation, easily fitting in as small as a 12’ x 12’ area. specifications General Description Heavy duty structural steel table with a Teflon caster top working surface mounted on 5” floor casters and equipped with a floor locking device Overall Size 60” deep x 106” wide x 45” high Table Working Height 36” Net Weight 1,200 lbs. Drive Advance motion control with regen drive and timing belt Controls Advance programmable logic control and photoelectric sensing system. Positive thumb wheel speed selector. Maximum Gunning Length 80” Air Supply 3 cfm @ 85 psi Power Supply 120VAC @ 60 Hz, 9 A 220VAC @ 50 Hz, 4.5A Advantages Handles Full Range of Production Volumes Setup – to – Training - to - Full Production in Hours Highly Productive Extremely Cost Effective Automatically Adjusts to ANY Length Glass Accurate Sealant Insertion Systems Easily Customized

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